How to Stop Being a Mediocre Project Leader

Do you worry that you may be a mediocre project leader? Leading a project and a team doesn’t come naturally to all of us but this doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocrity.

There are some simple tips that can help you to become much more like the kind of top quality project manager that you want to be. Which of the following tips would you most like to try out soon?

Build a Quality Team Around You

Have you ever noticed how mediocre managers seem to prefer to have poor teams around them? This is probably because they don’t want someone better them in the team.

If you are going to become a better project leader then you will want to have great business analysts around you. This will force you to work harder and to strive for constant improvement.

What you don’t want to do is continually lower your standards by aiming for a sub-standard team that won’t challenge you. On the other hand, you should look to be a project leader who is comfortable with a high performing team under their leadership.

The better your team the more likely it is that you raise your own performance. In this case everyone is a winner.

Get As Much Project Leader Training As You Can

No-one is born knowing everything there is to know about being a project leader. As it is a highly varied role there is a lot to learn once you get started.

The basic starting point is with a professional PRINCE2 course to give you the skills you need to run a project well. After that, you can consider the likes of programing languages, leadership course and any other type of training that might help you to progress.

Once you are a certified PRINCE2 project manager you will feel more authoritative and comfortable in the role. However, you should still aim to keep on learning new skills all the time.

This will help you to forge an impressive career and will give you a great deal of flexibility in the future as well. In addition, you might want to read a few project leader books  to learn more about the role.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best

If you let your standards drop in any way then mediocrity is likely to be waiting for you. This is why it is vital that you don’t ever settle for anything less than the best.

We have already seen how this works with the team you lead but the same applies in every other aspect of the project that you run. You should be looking to add quality to your project leader work in the decisions you make and in every way possible.

This runs from small things like the food you serve at workshops to matters likes how you communicate. You should look to make your projects of the highest possible quality in every single aspect that you control.

It is easy to settle for being a mediocre project leader. Far tougher is the task of aiming high. However, you will be the person who reaps most benefits if you can set the kind of standard that makes you an inspiring project manager.